What to know about carpet before buying

Doesn’t it make sense that you would be better able to make a reasonable carpet purchase if you know more about it? Of course it does! And that fact works so very well when you are considering carpet as your flooring choice. There are many options from which to choose,and many things have changed over the years.

If you haven’t shopped for carpet in awhile, you might be surprised to find that it simply isn’t the floor covering it use to be. There have been many transformations that make it the perfect option for nearly every homeowner. Just keep reading to find out just what you need to know when shopping for carpet.

Quality and durability of carpet

It’s a fact that the higher the quality of the carpet you purchase, the better the durability will be. Carpets of higher quality often have a pile density that is greater and a twist that is tighter, than their cheaper counterparts.

On the other hand, if you know ahead of time that you’re going to be replacing your flooring in a short amount of time, carpet is a better choice than hard floors. It’s easier to replace, but still adds enough advantages to make it worth the effort. The underfoot warmth and noise reduction would almost be enough all by themselves.

Knowing the carpet color secrets

Color is very important in nearly every room of your home. Since carpet covers most, if not all, of the room, you need to know a few basics about carpet color. For instance, once you actually have carpet laid in your home, it sometimes looks lighter than it was in the store sample. It’s a common optical effect you should definitely keep in mind. Another color secret worth knowing is how carpet color can affect the room size. Light colors give the illusion of a bigger room, while dark carpet tends to make a room look smaller. The latter is perfect for rooms that demand a more intimate feel. And finally, neutral colors are the perfect choice for those who enjoy changing up the décor scheme on a regular basis.

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