WPC flooring facts you can't miss

Luxury vinyl flooring sales have been on the increase for a long time now, but WPC is making a huge impact of its own. For the homeowner who really wants peace of mind, WPC offers waterproof features and is super easy to install. With the many great benefits this flooring has to offer, it’s hard to pass it up.

At FloorSource Wholesale & Supply, we want to make sure that you know what to expect from waterproof flooring, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do for you now. Read on to find out some of the amazing benefits of WPC waterproof flooring.

WPC is 100% waterproof

Some flooring is manufactured as “water resistant”, but we want you to know right up front that resistant is not the same as waterproof. Water resistant floors are able to withstand water, spills, moisture and humidity to a certain degree, but eventually, the wetness soaks in. With WPC flooring, you have complete protection against even the most dire situation, including floods. This means you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that any room that has this waterproof flooring will be completely protected against water damage.

WPC and luxury vinyl

Many people wonder about the difference between WPC and luxury vinyl. There’s actually a simple fact to keep in mind that will help you better understand the difference. Simply put, you can often find WPC that is also luxury vinyl plank or tile, but not all luxury vinyl is waterproof.

Benefits of WPC flooring

Besides being completely waterproof, this flooring has an array of other benefits. It’s great for floors that are less than perfect. Thanks to their thickness and durability, you can often install it on top of floors without a lot of extra prep work. It’s also a great option for homeowners who really want the look of real wood or stone, but just don’t want the heavy maintenance schedule and upkeep that goes along with it. Waterproof flooring can be installed in many places that wood and stone can’t, which makes it great for any room, no matter where it’s located.

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