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Carpet padding for your home

The benefits of carpet padding and cushions are numerous and significant. Installing carpet cushions or padding underneath your carpet extends the lifetime of your new floor, raises the quality of your carpet ownership experience, and comes with a whole host of side benefits!

Benefits of carpet padding

Carpet cushions and padding increase the lifespan of your carpet and keep it looking newer, longer. It reduces the impact of feet against the floor, preventing the fibers from flattening and producing and old, worn look. It also prevents the material from rubbing against the subfloor and wearing down, as well as keeping it from sliding around and stretching, which can lead to your carpets needing to be retucked.

The longer your carpet goes without maintenance and replacement, the more enjoyment you get out of your investment. Cushions and padding help to maximize that investment. They also increase the enjoyment by adding an extra layer of comfort for your feet. Added to the already soft plushness of carpet, cushions and padding pamper your feet.

Keeping your home insulated

Installing your carpeting with cushions and padding underneath them also have other unexpected benefits. They help to insulate rooms, which has several benefits on its own. By increasing the insulation in a room, you lower the amount of energy required to heat or cool that room.

This cuts down on heating bills in winter and cooling bills in the summer. The added insulation also keeps noise from traveling from room to room through the floors, giving you an extra level of peace and quiet. Adding cushions and padding to your carpet floors makes them last longer, function better, and feel nicer under your feet.

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